A year ago on 3rd June our Teal colleague and friend Keith Lidgerwood died in Cheshire; we miss him.
Tealer Andrew Smith  from Chesham has been out and about at local Buckinghamshire events, getting rather damp at fetes such as Hyde Heath  in the process ( a natural Teal hazard) , and sends us  this fine woodland photo of his lovely Teal Type 35 boat-tail 4C/1700. Andrew is a professional photographer and part-time pilot, and after a quiet Tealing period in 2013 is getting his  terrific Teal back on the road with the Club in 2014. 
If my reporting seems rather biased towards this lovely Teal, that's because it is: for several years your webmaster enjoyed temporary custody of UVJ 840, when we enjoyed Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, the Lakes and Scotland together, and I still have a very soft spot for her, then called Brigitte.
   Thanks, Chilterns Andrew,  and a happy summer's Tealing with UVJ840...
 Brooklands last weekend:  Angelo's pretty sure he's beyond help...
Antonio, Cliff and Andy display differing costumes for the Brooklands Charity Day...
David Ward's terrific Triumph six-cylinder supercharged Teal  was widely admired at the show; and  his reserve transport was   painted an appropriate colour.
Jo, MG Alan's wife,  sitting pretty in David's Teal DNA 
(Alan has several fine MGs, and spotted Teal of the Week No 118 for us  at  Moss's Triumph and MG spares in  Hanworth, west London - thanks, Alan!)
 This unusual Bugatti Type 35 has a hood, running boards  and twin spare wheels on the back.  The driver looks like he's broken down beside the autoroute/autobahn, but Tealer Wolfgang tells us the caption in fact says:  "On grand tour. Emil Bremme with his 35 B. The sports coachwork was built by the owners,  and  designed by the Bachmann-company in Wuppertal."
On further investigation Herrr Bremme turns out to be a lucky chap, the heir to a beer factory, as you can read  from this link:
In the photo that  looks a pretty snug all-weather cockpit, rather drier than most two-seater Teals.  Bravo, Herr Bremme for touring in such a small car - a little like the couple below:
 Given  the right conditions, most Bugattis can be  just as wet as most Teals...
Photo: Michael Beales with many thanks
Update 1.  On the morning of Saturday the 21st June at  John O'Groats , delightful Teals (and delightful Tealers!) join  up for the start of the eight-legged, ten-day  Spider Run 2,  under the guidance of Neil and Vicky Ramsay for the first three legs through Scotland to the Lakes.
Bon voyage!  More Tealers will be joining in at Edinburgh, the Lakes, York, Llangolen, Stroud and Exeter en route to Land's End to celebrate 30 years of happy Tealing...
Update 2:  Beside the Forth rail bridge, southbound Teals take a break...
Rupert,Jean,Harry,Carole,Colin, Irené,Neil, Vicky,Dot,Phil and Bob - Tealers all.   Photo: Jean Quested - thanks.
Update 3:  lunchtime, Tuesday 24th June, near Carlisle. The Tealers are joined at Houghton Hall by long-time Teal enthusiast and owner Ian Alecock, who took this photo for us - thanks, Ian:
Wednesday and Thursday :  York - More Spidery news to come....
Last Time:
spider run one  2007 - leg one - St Ives
20th June John O'Groats
30th June Land's End
20 Teals, 37 Tealers, come and join in any of the eight legs of the Spider
(JOG-Cairngorms-Edinburgh-Lakes-York - Llangolen - Gloucester/Stroud - Exeter - Land's End)
You'll be most welcome
 Land's End  last time
more to come 



Thirty years ago in 1984 Ian Foster offered the first Teal for sale to the general public.  This anniversary year the Teal Owners' Club will be celebrating the success of the marque with a Teal run for Club members from John O'Groats to Land's End from 20th June to 1st July 2014. 
All members are welcome to join in for one leg of the run,  or for all eight legs,  or for  as many as they wish, stopping off near Aviemore, Edinburgh, the Lakes, York, Llangollen, Stroud/Gloucester, Exeter and at Land's End itself...
The Teal run will be known as Spider Run II (eight legs = spider) and follows the highly successful Spider Run I in the other direction seven years ago.  Full details are  in the Teal Spiel March 2014 and June 2014 Editions for Teal Owners' Club members.  Do come and join us, please.
Dot and Phil enjoying the sun in their fine Teal Type 35, scheduled for John O'Groats to Land's End in June to celebrate 30 Years of Teal Cars...