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Here's a Teal Caption Competition.  We'd love to have some good captions for this photo above  - please leave yours on the Teal  Discussion Forum 2018 (click below left in index) and I'll add them. Here's one to start us off:



1.  'Colin and his  best friend always loved sporting motoring -  a Teal was therefore a natural progression... '


2.    'I think I recognise myself, but what's the name of the driver?'  (from Colin... any suggestions?) 


3.    'Young Neil always looked right, then left, then right again - but only put his foot down when he got the OK from the clever one in the back...'


4.  'Evolution is a funny old business' mused the hairy one,  'humans travelled   on all fours for thousands of years, then they finally stood up and travelled by walking on their own  two feet, and now they want to progress by sitting on their arses; I despair...'


5.   ' Colin was always monkeying about with old machinery, and nothing's changed.' 


6.    'I'm not at all happy with this worryingly close friendship; they seem to be aping eachother'    Colin's Nanny








A few years later near a steel city  in the far north of our land, likely lads Glen and Neil were perfecting the design of their Mark 2 twin hand-pump, chain drive, foot-steered  sporting machine, closely monitored by Glen's nanny.   Speed was good downhill, but the Mark 2 needed a little assistance on hill-climbs. There was also a tendency for the left rear to fall off, but they planned to rectify this with the faster Mark 3...



...In their design the lads were paralleling the thoughts of the great designer himself, Ettore Bugatti, who also had a nanny:





Do we see a pattern emerging here?   








Yes!  Ettore Bugatti had exactly the same problem with the left rear, as test driver Raymond Mays found.  The right rear looks a bit dodgy too.  So it all hangs together seamlessly.  Thank God au pairs replaced nannies - far more fun.  Apparently. 


We had to wait for Ian Foster and Bob Jones to perfect the designs (below).  As you will have guessed,  neither Ian nor Bob had a nanny. Q.E.D.  











In Colin and Irené's delightful garden at apple-blossom time stand four classic Teal Type 35 boat-tails.   I love this photo. 


( Photo taken by Angelo off one of Colin's ladders on Drive it Day April 2016 on the way to Bicester - thank you Angelo - a masterwork)









Spider Run 2 - Tony Davis, Tealer for some 25 years, and now our new Teal Owners' Club Secretary, drives this lovely sporting Teal Type 35 four-seater; here she is  overnight  at Exeter  (with 10 other Teals) en route for Land's End .











The Tealers are back from Dot and Phil's glorious Lakes Run, and had a great time by all accounts (well, certainly Neil and Colin's...).  Well organised, interesting routes, narrow lanes, happy visits - well, what do you expect from Dot and Phil?  The best.  All this and Maggie Foster and the Boys.  Classic Tealing.        B.C.    18.7.18 


Thanks to all Tealers on the trip for the heart-warming and only occasionally rude postcard - I missed out on the trip  due to an eye problem.  Also thanks to Dot and Phil (again) for brochures of some of the highlights of the Teal push, including the Lakeland Motor Museum (with Bluebird), the Ravenglass and Eskdale Steam Railway, Ruskin's house at Brantwood,  and the Ullswater Steam Boats - all this and Kendall Mint Cake to enjoy.  Sincere Thanks. Brian in Sussex  - no rain in 50 days - ground parched - thinking of getting a camel.  Same with you?  We could have a camel train....
















Aaldert took his Willy with him for the splendid ORCA Old Timer's 125 km Rally  - doesn't Aaldert's LHDrive deep blue Teal Type 35 boat-tail look splendid - well worth the four years re-building and countless Euros (and sleepless nights) it took to bring it to this level of perfection. Congrats, Aaldert (and your Willy).


OK, I know it's a bit childish, but quite fun too;  life's a little  too  serious sometimes ....







The Teal Owners' Club was founded in 1988; the 30th anniversary of this happy band of Tealers is being celebrated this year by many Teal meetings and rallies around the country (12 at the last count - see the Teal Spiel Club Magazine or the Club Sec's magical electronic newsletter... )











'Teals Have Soul'  - Captain Sensible









Teals and Tealers at Saumur on the River Loire

















In a Teal a waterproof tonneau is a vital accessory, given the British (and Continental) weather - recent months excepted.  The kind of tonneau that zips down the middle, enabling the  driver to be  in the fresh air and the passenger seat covered, allows the tucking beneath out of wind and rain of route maps, hobnob biscuits (chocolate preferably), mints etc - invaluable companions to a substantial Teal cross-country sortie... 






















Teal sporting cars  were first driven  in 1984; we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Teal Cars in 2014 with the splendid SPIDER RUN 2 from John O'Groats to Land's End - see index left for many SPIDER RUN 2 photos...























Some years ago one of Stuart Whitworth's Teals ended up pranged and at Mike Hall's (photo);  how it happened I'm unaware (do you know?) Anyway Stu created another Teal from a chassis of Mike's, and this chassis above emerged many years later as a delightful Type 43 (in the Netherlands).  Back left you will have spotted one of Bob Lewis' fine classic delivery van re-creations.  Any more info to, please.... 










BUGATTI TYPE 73C : Please read the note  written about  this fine car - with Bob Jones-made body -  by the owner, John Barton.  Details can be found at Page 9, Bob Jones Teal Album.  Thank you John, and thanks, Tealers for absorbing the details.












The skyblueteal discussion Forum may be intermittent temporarily while the new  website provider fixes a glitch; sorry for the inconvenience, Tealers .












Many Tealers will know the attractive and unique Teal known as The Cream Cracker (TOW No 64), recovered from Belgium by David Brown ; she is now being marketed by Total Head Turners of Essex, and instead of being cream (which she has been for the past 25 years), she has now been painted blue...  Did I mention the price? Around £59,000.

















Some people don't like this change much; but I rather like the blue, and especially the Cambridge/Oxford blue contrast  of the rear trunk.  But other changes have also been made, notably the increase in wheel size to 18 inches  from the original; it looks nice, but an expert Teal engineer wonders whether when turning the front tyres will rub  on the massive front wings (see first two photos to compare); and also whether on a bumpy road the vertical movement of the wheels will now destroy the wings.  Any views on this on the Forum, please....















It's June 2018 and a group of Tealers have arrived in the Pas de Calais (NOT Normandy - thank you, La Sauterelle). Here they are parked up in France on day two en route to Eastern France, Ettore Bugatti's house and the Schlumpf car museum (including 200 Bugattis)  ...which Tealers' cars can you spot?







I think I can see Neil and Pam's  maroon MX5 (they've owned three Teals before, and other sporting machinery), and Dot and Phil's boat-tail, also  Captain Sensible and Maggie's  handsome Teal four-seater, and there's Rupert and Jean's  boat-tail, Andy and June (of course),  Shropshire John and Wendy, with  Harry and Carole on this end in their  sporty LHD Replicar.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, chaps (very likely).  Thanks Neil for the photo via Facebook, and to the magnificent La Sauterelle*  for navigation tips via the Forum...  *La Sauterelle is French for the Grasshopper, made famous by the eponymous poem of Guillaume Apollinaire; now who in our Club might have  such a distinguished association?  Any suggestions?  Please see Discussion Forum 2018 July 6th....



















John King of Shropshire, experienced Tealer and entrepreneur, bee keeper and purveyor of top class honey  to the great and good is well known in Teal circles for taking cars that need tender, loving care and restoring them with professional help to roadworthy beauties.  He is still doing so:







Tealer Bill of Ludlow is the lucky recipient of one of John's restored Teals (ex Neil Bridges, who also carried out much work on this Teal after discovery as a barn find in mid-Wales)...



...many Tealers will remember Tealer and restorer Keith Lidgerwood of Cheshire (and Melbourne) who often on Teal runs also enjoyed driving his REPLICAR with surgeon Mr John alternating behind the wheel.  Well here is that Replicar (below) under restoration by John King - and further below, nearly ready:










Tealers have always been close chums with a common interest, and when one is in Holmfirth on Nora Batty's doorstep, what better than a close embrace between Tealer John 'Honey' King and Tealer/MX5/melodious musician Neil Bridges ?





 See the sign, top right....     Thanks for the happy photos, Wendy!























Tealers are regular attenders at the 'La Vie en Bleu' event at the Prescott Bugatti Owners' Club in the Cotswold; 2018 was no different, with a good turn-out and Richard Ashton is on pole... with David Ward beside him. There are some fine and famous Teals here - who else can you spot?














Now that's the way a garage should look!  Six Teals at David Ward's garage in Egham, including red GIGI  really top right, the rare early Worsley/Teal (bottom right), Vince's Type 35 DIZZY (bottom left) and, of course, David's own fine Type 35 DOLLY.  And top centre is David B's handsome Type 59 and centre right Phil Calvert's Teal 35 struck by a pothole - they're a lot of them about at the moment, aren't there?



And here is ENIGMA: 






















A couple of weeks earlier: 








On a lovely, warm Chestnut Sunday at Bushey Park the crowds admire DOLLY (and David!) in the Procession of  the Classics  ... showing the flag for Teals.




The hits counter on this  SKY BLUE TEAL website is recording 120002 on 24th May 2018 .  The website was started on 1st January 2007.  That's eleven a bit years ago.  So we've averaged more than 10,000 hits a year. Not bad for our favourite car - The Teal.  Showing the flag a different way...







The Spirit of Tealing: Dot and Phil at  speed in Scottish Border Country




















 Q1:   Where was this photo taken?


Q2:   What year was this photo taken?



Q3:   How many Teals are there in this photo? (there are more parked opposite)


Q4:   Why has Rupert tilted his racing screen forward?















Many Tealers will know our colleague Aaldert from Amsterdam, the owner/driver of two of the finest Teals in the Club, his superb dark blue LHD Type 35 and the new-design Teal Type 43 in black and red only completed a couple of years ago.  Aaldert was also a leading host of 'Teals to Tulips', the big Teal run to The Netherlands of 2015. Now Aaldert has another project, the complete restoration of his three-wheel Morgan:













This is Aaldert's 1949 Morgan F-Type three-wheeler, a classic British car popular from the 1930s  and very fast, if a bit of a tight fit for a big Dutchman... luckily Aaldert also has a rather larger Morgan which many Tealers will have seen on The Long Mynd in Shropshire, and touring UK with the ORCA Dutch classic motoring club, and he and  Willy fit into that big Morgan grand tourer quite nicely....




We wish Aaldert well, and thank him for this thorough rebuild of a fine British classic; should you want to know more about the F-Type Morgan, there's lots on Google, including this link:
























This splendid one-off Teal (Teal of the Week No 64), built by Bob Jones and Peter Farrell for Peter and his family and recovered from Belgium by David Brown (of Type 59 fame) has now been sold to Total Head Turners of Essex, who may decide to paint it blue. Watch this space....


Footnote - She is now blue (May18). See Item above ... and TOW 64.












TEAL TYPE 44 - AND TYPE 35 (Lucky Devil) 







Most Tealers will know our Former Teal Club Chairman Cliff and his wife Jan.  They have been one of the most adventurous and loyal Tealer couples down the past 30 years, enjoying and leading runs in their silver Type 35  all across this country, and many to France via Angouleme and to Spain, and also  solo Teal trips to France and Norway; they have now purchased the magnificent and unique  deep blue Teal Type 44 as well, and here they both are above.   Long-time Tealers Neil and Pam visited Cliff and Jan recently, and  here Cliff and Pam are  enjoying a sunny local car show and at a fine stately home - what a profile!  Thanks for the photos, Neil - a delight for Tealers' eyes.









On second thoughts, was it just luck that brought Cliff and Jan these two fine Teals?  No, I think not, but a strong determination and the willpower to seek out and  seize opportunities when they offered themselves.  Hats off.






Many Tealers will know our friend and colleague Andrew Noble, Tealer and enthusiastic classic car engineer from southern France, who attracts attention wherever he goes in La France Profonde with his magnificent Teal; he dropped in this week on David Ward's garage at Egham (photo below) to talk Teals and renew Teal links across the channel. Welcome, Andrew, and bonne route ...

Andrew at Egham, August 2018

Photo David Ward - Thank You


Teal Duo: Tony Williams of Bristol's lovely Type 35B at Farleigh Hungerford, Wiltshire, with Type 35 'Brigitte' beyond. Tony's brother Dave in The Wirral is now custodian of this beauty. See below for this 35B's elegant front suspension...

From Brigitte's dashboard


TEAL JAM (Mind my Tail)

Teals (and Tealers) don't really like being stuck in a traffc jam; without the cooling wind through the radiator (or through the hair) both can tend to overheat, though fans help...


Triumph 6C/2500 engines fit neatly into Teals, especially Type 35Bs; but not usually with triple carbs, as in this beautiful example created by Philip Searle...

....One of the finest and most impressive Teal Type 35Bs ever made - do you agree?

(Except for your own, of course...)


1922 Bugatti Type 23 (with escorts) in Italy


...over the hills and far away.

Cheerful Tealers relax with a glass of lemonade after a hard day's cross-country


One wouldn't want to see photos of over 100 different Bugattis, would one? You'd get bored after the first 20. Oh, actually you would rather like to see them anyway? OK, then log onto:

A wonderful selection of Bugattis on this French website, and 2000 other classic cars... Enjoy - I do....



At the Teal Owners' Club AGM on April 15th, respected Club Secretary Andy (The Enforcer) Dutton stood down after a long and successful spell in the chair, to be replaced as Club Secretary by Tony Davis, Teal owner and driver for nearly 25 years from 1994; Tony has sent out the first two TOC electronic newsletters to Club members, updating them on coming events and on the latest Teal news.